CICLIC Our life is a chain of infinite wheels that all turn at the same time like a clock that, despite our daily chaos, always tells the time. Wheels of time, love or even custom that need to be wound and yet others do not stop even if we need it. To see more information click on the images of each company PALPUT PRODUCCIONS Palput is a company specialized in the production of theatrical shows, design and elaboration of costumes, scenographies, props and B.S.O. for theater, cinema and all kinds of events. Palput has different children's formats on tour. BARCELONA '92 It is 1992 and the Olympic Games are held in Barcelona. The effervescent city becomes a great stage in which the paths of seven characters cross: a couple behind bars, a lonely taxi driver, two strangers met, a man on the street and a WOMAN. A retro and nostalgic comedy, in which different ways of understanding the rules of love coexist. But this time there is no medal for anyone.
HOMINI LUPUS HOMINI LUPUS tells the story of a young man who decides to participate in a contest held by the university where they study. To win, they propose to present the study on the cure to a deadly disease that they have been studying for more than 4 years. But even with the help of characters from his past, reason and passion will stand in his way and make his plans reeling. A scene of real juggling with human ideology and reason. The end justifies the means? Who or what do I fight for? What is really my goal? CARNAVAL BARROCO A comedy in which nothing and nobody is who they seem to be; a walk through the Golden Age and its great authors; a Baroque Carnival in which Don Luis will risk everything to win the most important of bets. Baroque Carnival is a classic theater show suitable for the auditorium and the street.